Sixth Annual Dinner Dance

For the first time since 2020 – we are back for our Adult Dinner Dance!

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    Educational (Thursday 4/29/2021) – Scholarship & Grant recipient highlights. 

    April 16, 2021 – Virtual Weather Assembly

    2021How Far Away is the Storm
    2021 WindVane Anemometer

    Thank You from SRES 3rd Grade Students

    2021 SRES EnLightening Assembly

    2019 Grant Recipients

    2019 Rhythm Works Integrative Dance
    2019 Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

    Learn More Here

    Preschool Self-Contained
    Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Program

    Beginning in April 2019 – July 2019, Ms. Robin from Kaye-Lynn Dance Studio in East Brunswick visited our Special Education Preschool Students 4 times  to provide dance and gross motor movement instruction to our students.  Ms. Robin is certified in the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance Program, which certifies dance educators to provide dance instruction to students with Special Needs. 

    This was a wonderful opportunity to not only expose our students to dance and movement classes, but also provide them with an opportunity to enjoy new leisure skills while building appropriate social skills.

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to enhance our Preschool Special Education Program through your generous support.

    Kore Kids Wobble Chair

    Kore Kids Wobble Chair
    Kore Kids Wobble Chair
    Kore Kids Wobble Chair 2019
    Kore Kids Wobble Chair

    Rock Garden

    SRFEE rock garden
    SRFEE Rock Garden

    2017-2018 Mini Grant Recipients

    Escape Room Kit

    During the 2017-18 school year, I applied for an SRFEE mini-grant in the hopes of getting an escape room kit that would enable me to create dynamic lessons for students to practice a multitude of skills in a variety of content areas.  The kit included the materials necessary (assorted locking mechanisms, decoders, etc.) as well as access to an online platform that offered the lessons and hints for the escape room.  The lessons were, indeed, dynamic, and were very much enjoyed by all who participated.  I have attached a short video of my former students “escaping” at the end of a lesson.  
    I would like to thank SRFEE for their continued efforts to foster excellence in our community and schools.

    Patricia Crowdell, ELA Teacher, South River Middle School

    2016 Mini Grant Recipients

    While students and staff presently have access to laptops, it wasn’t that way in 2016.  However, at that time I had the opportunity to apply for a mini-grant to purchase a laptop to utilize in my classroom. After being awarded the grant, having the laptop in the classroom was extremely beneficial.  My students were able to learn basic computer skills.  They were able to search for jobs and explore different types of job applications. Having this laptop early on was a great asset to have in the classroom and I am extremely grateful to have been awarded the mini-grant from SRFEE.

    Jenai Damatta, High School Life Skills Class

    I along with Cassie Juba and Christine Kilduff received a mini grant to take our special education students on a field trip.  Our students are in a self contained classroom setting and benefit from hands-on experiences.  We decided to take them to the Turtle Back Zoo.  The students were able to experience the zoo, for many the first time to see and touch the animals.  Some of the students are now in high school and still talk about the experience.  Thank you SRFEE for making this experience possible for us.  You are very much appreciated.

    Diane Rondesko, South River Special Education Teacher



    Funds for (Wednesday 4/28/2021) – Scholarship & Grant Recipients of years past.

    Scholarship Recipients

    Mini-Grant Recipients

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    Raising (Tuesday 4/27/2021) – our fundraising goal is to raise (a minimum) of $5.00 per student in our School District.  

    Past Fundraisers

    2018 – Past Fun with the Harlem Wizards

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    Support us in (Monday 4/26/2021)

    A Little SRFEE History

    SRFEE is a non-profit organization run by volunteer members.  We would appreciate more members to join our group  efforts for our mission.  Donations of skills/time and/or money is greatly appreciated.  “Volunteers are not paid because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless”

    July 15, 2015 Kick-Off Meeting

    July 15, 2015 Organizational Meeting
    July 15, 2015 Flyer

    April 14, 2015 – Organization Meeting

    The group met regarding the review of the By-Laws (draft), incorporation, Tax-Exempt status, the IRS and the State of NJ.

    Upon review of the previous organization, the new group decided to start the organization anew. Professionals were consulted to ensure accurate formation of the new organization.

    March 25, 2015 – Initial Interest Meeting

    Through the office of the South River Public Schools Superintendent Mr. Michael Pfister, a meeting of all interested parties was coordinated via email.

    Mr. Pfister opened the meeting by thanking all those persons in attendance for showing an interest in the organization. Mr. Pfister went on to provide an overview of the previous organization, the background, purpose and vision of the organization.

    4th Annual Adult Dinner Dance

    South River, NJ (December 11, 2018) –Join the South River Foundation for Educational Excellence for their 4th Annual Adult Dinner Dance Fundraiser.  This year’s Honorees are… 

    • Sylvia Zircher – South River Schools Superintendent
    • Tracey Bussell – South River High School Business Teacher & SRFEE Student Ambassador Advisor
    • Sergeant Edwin J. Yorek – South River Police Department

    As indicated by our successful 3rd Annual Even tin January of 2018, this evening will prove to be a fun-filled evening of dinner, drinks, dancing & a 50/50. 

    This event will take place on Friday, February 1, 2019 beginning at 7 pm. 

    Treat yourself and some of your friends to an evening of food, fun and fundraising all at once!  Reserve a table with the purchase of 10 tickets. Commemorative journal ads available for purchase until Jan 11th, 2019. 

    Commemorative Journal Ad Pricing:

    • Full Page – $200.00
    • Half Page – $100.00
    • Quarter Page – $50.00

    Dinner Dance Tickets:

    • Advance Tickets on sale now-1/28/19 – $60.00 per person
    • Night of Dance 2/1/19 – $70.00 per person.

    *Reserve a table with the purchase of 10 tickets.  

    Cash or check (made out to SRFEE) are the preferred payment methods.

    View the Press Release by clicking here

    BEARS… Harlem Wizards Prep Week

    Harlem Wizards Week
    Monday 10/22/18 – Friday 10/26/18

    As we gear up and build excitement for the return of the Harlem Wizards on October 28th, 2018…we will be anticipating their arrival with activities during Harlem Wizards Week using the theme shared during the assemblies: BEARS…..

    Behavior (Monday 10/22/18) – Show your good manners to your Parents,  Teachers and Friends (as you should all the time!)

    Effort (Tuesday 10/23/18) – Wear your Harlem Wizard Wear (Jerseys, T-Shirts, Sleeve) and/or wear Purple!

    Attitude (Wednesday 10/24/18) –  Wear Orange, the color of Respect!   

    Respect (Thursday 10/25/18) – Wear your Favorite Sports Team Jersey/Apparel!

    Success (Friday 10/26/18) – Class who sells the most tickets by Thursday 10/25/18 will EARN an Ice Cream Party! (**When ordering tickets online please enter Teacher’s Last Name in the Comments Section)  Buy your tickets here: