Meredith Larson, Vice President

meredith larson - vice president

Professional Experience

Meredith Larson is a graduate of Rutgers University- Douglass College in 1998 with a BA in Labor Studies.  While doing her undergraduate studies, Meredith was working on her Master’s degree graduating from Rutgers University-School of Management and Labor Relations 1999 with a Master’s in Labor and Industrial Relations.

She received a Certificate in Health and Hospital Law from Seton Hall University, School of Law in 2016.

Meredith continues to take various continuing education courses in Labor Relations and Human Resources since graduation to keep up with ever changing legislation, policies and practices.

In high school and college, Meredith worked part-time at a retail establishment at the local mall working her way from sales associate to third-key.

While working on her undergraduate and graduate degrees, from 1996-2000, she was also a substitute teacher and Home Instructor for the South River Board of Education. 

For 23 years, Meredith has worked with unions representing the interests of workers and their families. She has worked since 2009 for JNESO District Council 1 IUOE as a Labor Representative who represents nurses and licensed technical employees in various medical facilities in NJ. Meredith focusses on contract negotiation, contract interpretation and runs several meetings weekly with union members and management.

Volunteer Work

Member of South River Planning Board under Mayor Robert Szegeti until Meredith relocated to Queens, NY

Former Democratic Committeewoman and member of the South River Democrats

Girl Scout Troop 80047 Co-Leader and started troop in 2016.  

New member to Middlesex County 4H to spend time with her daughter

Vice President for South River Foundation for Educational Excellence since February 2022.

Active in the South River Public School District for several years. As a member of the Primary School PTA and Elementary School, she has volunteered at various school events. She has been a Primary School Class Parent.  Ms. Larson is looking forward to involvement with the Middle School PTA next year. 


Resident of South River since 1976. Lived in Queens, NY for a brief 4 year period. Daughter of Evelyn Bowman Larson (a teacher in the district for 34 years) and Thomas Larson, both South River High School graduates and active South River community members. Meredith’s family goes back many generations in South River and some family members still reside here as well. 

Meredith graduated from South River High School in 1994 where she was a part of various teams and organizations while in SRHS. She is the mother of a wonderful daughter, Breonna McCabe who attends South River Public Schools.