1. Initial Interest Meeting

    Through the office of the South River Public Schools Superintendent Mr. Michael Pfister, a meeting of all interested parties was coordinated via email.

    Mr. Pfister opened the meeting by thanking all those persons in attendance for showing an interest in the organization. Mr. Pfister went on to provide an overview of the previous organization, the background, purpose and vision of the organization.

  2. Organizational Meeting

    The group met regarding the review of the By-Laws (draft), incorporation, Tax-Exempt status, the IRS and the State of NJ.

    Upon review of the previous organization, the new group decided to start the organization anew. Professionals were consulted to ensure accurate formation of the new organization.

  3. SRFEE Founded

    The South River Foundation for Educational Excellence was officially formed.

  4. By-laws Established

    Final review of By-laws and nomination & voting on officer elections.

  5. SRFEE is Online

    SRFEE establishes website (www.srfee.org) and social media presence on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

  6. 1st Annual Adult Dinner Dance

    Raffles, Great Food & Fundraising at the Ria Mar – our First Annual Adult Dinner Dance was a success!

  7. 2nd Annual Adult Dinner Dance

    2nd Annual Adult Dinner Dance, honoring:  Michael Pfister, South River Superintendent, Rui Baptista, Ria Mar Bar & Restaurant, Marc Binder, Binder CPA.  Thank you for your support in making our organization a success.

  8. 3rd Annual Adult Dinner Dance

    3rd Annual Dinner Dance honoring:  Cynthia Colalillo, South River Teacher, Mayor John Krenzel & Christine Mongelli, South River Special Education Teacher.