Requesting New Board Members

“Volunteers are not paid because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless”

SRFEE is a volunteer organization and we are kindly searching for new volunteers to bring our organization forward. ? Please apply by: March 15th, 2023


Use your gifts to create educational opportunities for our students.

Become part of a talented, diverse and caring community.

Experience the gifts and talents of students/teachers that are empowered through education.

Application period January 1 – March 15, 2023

Tracey Bussell

Tracey Bussell is a graduate of New York University, Stern School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. She worked in publishing for over twenty years as a Licensing Director.  Throughout her publishing career, she worked with publishers and editors from around the world before she began her career as a teacher.

She now shares her education and past working experiences with her students.

Tracey Bussell has been a Business Teacher at South River High School for the past three years as her second career. What she loves most about being a teacher is that every day she helps her students explore and learn about the different opportunities and career choices the business world has to offer them. She also loves showing her students the business and financial literacy concepts that will enable them to make informed financial decisions in their personal lives.

As the advisor of the TV 36 club, Tracy volunteered to videotape the SRFEE Harlem Wizards Fundraiser last year to help.  She also worked with her students to edit the video (using equipment supplied by an SRFEE grant) and helped advertise for this year’s Harlem Wizards Fundraiser.   

When she was made aware the SRFEE Student Ambassadors were in search of an Advisor there was no hesitation in her response.  She was happy to help what she considers a great organization. In addition, it was such as good group of young adults, who happened to be former or present students in her classes.  She looks forward to continuing her second career both as a teacher and an advisor at South River High School.

2018 Honoree – John Krenzel

John Krenzel

Although born in New Brunswick 60 years ago. John Krenzel has lived in South River all his life. He attended his parish church’s elementary school and South River High School. From there he attended Rutgers University, majoring in Political Science and Business Administration. From there it was to Seton Hall University School of Law and a life as an attorney, practicing mostly from offices in Sayreville.

Always involved in religious and civic organizations, Mayor Krenzel is a lector in church, belongs to St. Mary’s Holy Name Society, the Knights of Columbus, the Lions Club in Sayreville and, of course, Mayor since 2012. Mayor Krenzel has always believed that one of the pillars of a successful life is having a good education. The Bernadine sisters that taught at Saint Mary’s School believed in a teaching the basics. That belief was taken up by his high school teachers. Along with reading, writing and arithmetic, science, social studies, history and language were added. Without a good foundation, a person has a very hard time in life.

But this cannot be done just by the teachers, or even the Board of Education. Support for education must be given by the entire town. It is true: it takes a village to raise a child. Support for organizations like the South River Foundation for Educational Excellence is key. Mayor Krenzel supports SRFEE and hopes that the entire town will support their good work.

Student Member Application

SRFEE Student Member Applications being accepted.

srfee_student_applicationWe are looking for self ­motivated, energetic and creative students who are interested in becoming involved in the fund­raising efforts of our organization. Responsibilities will vary based upon scheduled activities which directly benefit our schools.
Selected student members will receive community service hours for their participation.

Apply Now!!


  • Must attend South River High School
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Letter of Recommendation from a teacher